6 things to consider before buying a new boiler

6 things to consider before buying a new boiler​

When buying a new boiler, not only do you have to factor in the price of the boiler, there are installation costs to consider too.

It’s a big decision, so you need to make sure you get it right.

Whether you’re looking to make space or your old one is on the way out, we’ve compiled a list
of six things you need to think about before upgrading to the latest model:

One. Pick a reliable brand.

We’ve all been there.

Our boiler needs replacing, so we turn to our friends, neighbours and family for their recommendation. And that’s all well and good, but you need to do your own research too. So, start by reviewing websites like:

These give you insight into the best boilers with great warranty options and a range of boilers to suit all budgets.

At AR Johnson Plumbing and Heating ltd, our boiler brand of choice is Ariston.

Two. Pick one with a good warranty and aftercare service.

It’s rare, but boilers can become faulty long before the end of their service life, so you need to make sure you choose one with a good warranty. And it’s a good idea to choose one where your boiler is serviced annually too.

That way, you’ll stand a better chance of avoiding the surprise of waking up to a cold shower when you least expect it.

Three. Pick the correct type of boiler.

Knowing the type of boiler you need will save you time and cut out the sales pitch from a salesperson selling you something you don’t need.

So, check if you need a:

  • Combi boiler
  • Storage combi boiler
  • Regular boiler
  • System boiler

Four. Don’t overlook energy efficiency ratings.

By purchasing the most energy efficient boiler, you can save up to £340 annually on your gas and heating bills, a stat backed up by Which?.

Those colour-coded stickers on your boiler are there to help you make the best choice and save you money long-term.

Five. Make sure you pick the right size boiler.

You might think choosing a smaller boiler is a space saver, but be aware that you also run the risk of not having enough hot water for showers, baths and radiators.

Too big and you’ll end up with unexpectedly large heating bills.

Six. Get advice from a certified installer.

If you’re unsure what you need, it’s a good idea to get advice from your installer, somebody like… well, us.

At AR Johnson Plumbing & Heating, we can:

  • Profile your property
  • Check your current system and the system you’re looking to change to
  • Review what your demand is for domestic hot water (DHW) and heating

If it’s somebody else, that’s okay. Just make sure you get them on board, so you don’t waste money purchasing a boiler unsuitable for your home.

Need a little help?

No problem.

For more information on boilers. Or, to arrange a no-obligation assessment and quote, get in touch with AR Johnson Plumbing & Heating Ltd, so we can help you feel the benefits of your new boiler.

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