5 Thing To Consider When Planning Your Bathroom

Know and Communicate Your Budget

If planning your bathroom on a budget it is vitally important to understand what you are willing, or capable, of paying. Bathroom project can vary greatly in cost, so communicating budgets with your contractor when planning can help you to get the best end product for your money.

Don’t Forget The Walls

Always re-plaster and skim all existing walls for waterproof protection to save future disruption once the suite is fully completed. Not only will this protect your walls, fresh plaster will really put the finishing touch to the room.

Get Your Measurements right

Make sure all your measurements are correct, ie wash basin and toilet have adequate space and bath is correctly sized for space provided. If you aren’t sure, ask your fitter to come and measure up before purchasing your suite.


Draw a plan of your space, to scale, including all windows, doors (including openings). Always check the dimensions of the suite and appliances before purchasing and see how they will fit in your plan. 

You should start with you toilet position as this will likely be against an external wall or dictated by the position of our soil pipe., and if it can be helped, don’t make the toilet the first thing you see when you open the door!

If Possible Use a Professional

If possible, and you budget allows, use a qualified professional company to carry out the full project to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. It can be tempting to bring in multiple parties to complete the project, but that generally leaves you as the project manager!

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