5 Reasons you should consider updating your boiler

Replacing your boiler is a big decision, and one that many put off until something goes wrong. However, there are many good reasons to be proactive and change your boiler before you are forced into it – 5 of which we have included below;

Save money on heating bills.

Modern boilers are far more efficient than traditional boilers, and moving to a new more efficient model usually results in lower energy bills. 

Reduce noise

A noisy boiler can run for years without breaking down (although we would always recommend a regular service is carried out to make sure there are no major faults!) but you don’t have to put up with a noisy boiler as new boilers are generally much quieter. 

Save on space

Traditional boilers, especially those using water tanks, can take up a lot of space in your home which could be put to better use. New boilers are more compact than traditional boilers so a new installation can give you that extra space you have been looking for!

More control

New technology gives you the ability to control your heating using you mobile phone or even virtual assistants such as Alexa or Siri. New boiler installation allow you to take advantage of these advanced heating controls – giving you full control of the heating in your home, even when you are not in the house!

Avoid costly repair fees

New customers can benefit with fantastic warranties these days up to 12 years covering parts and labour on the boiler. This gives you the peace of mind that there will not be any large unexpected bills for boiler breakdowns.

For more information on boiler replacements, or to arrange a no obligation assessment and quote, get in touch with AR Johnson Plumbing & Heating Ltd today so we can help you to feel the benefits of a new boiler!

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